Unification of IT-landscapes

Branches and business models are in a state of flux. The increasing digitalisation almost removes all barriers between a business, its clients, suppliers and partners. In order to keep pace with the market business- and IT-strategies need to be adapted and digital products and services need to be created.

With the right IT-architecture this development proves less risky and provides opportunity! It affects costs, project duration, scalability as well as the productive use of IT-systems and is therefore a deciding factor for every system and system landscape.

Diverse application landscapes

In many businesses, the IT-application landscape grew historically and diversely, based as it was upon different technologies. This, for instance, can happen when specialist branches take a strong, distinct approach and isolated solutions occur. Acquisitions and fusions can also lead to application landscapes with overlapping functionality.

The integration of a new component – or just the change of an existing one – can in these cases pose a risk such as problems in the operation of an application or the rise of development costs for interfaces. In addition the application landscapes don’t support the business processes in an optimal way and business goals can’t be reached.

New definition

A new definition and unification of business architecture is in such cases urgently recommended. A flexible, scalable and highly efficient information and communication technology built on an adapted IT-landscape model is the right solution. This facilitates the integration of modern software systems. New information and data classes can be integrated. The business processes are speeded up, competitiveness is guaranteed and costs are reduced.


Optimisation of application landscapes

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Our strengths are your advantages

Vision and detailed understanding:

Through vision and detailed understanding of the technical challenges and business problems aeris arrives at a symbiosis of IT-systems, networks and software applications

aeris preserves the individuality of a business:

With knowledge about the individuality of your business aeris customises software solutions, decides whether on-premise or cloud-infrastructure are used or virtual or software container-based infrastructures for the best results for their use.

Secure into the future:

The aeris offer guarantees your business great security for the future and simple scalability with growing demands

Investment protection:

Older applications don’t need to be lost completely. aeris has the experience and know-how to integrate legacy-solutions into new business processes so that these applications can continue to be used.

Extensive planning of architecture:

Which cloud-model makes sense? Which part will Big Data play in the IT-future of your business? aeris plans your IT-architecture with prudence and foresight.

Evaluation of new IT-architecture concepts:

Our IT-architects possess sound knowledge of branches and continuously analyse current trends in technology

Case Studies

Examples highlighting the advantages of software architecture from aeris

aeris on call for its clients:

Modular and flexible architecture


An international bank wanted to implement software for the aggregation, combination and distribution of client, product and contract details in its subsidiary companies. This was to ensure that the new marketing strategy was optimised and that new products that were exactly matched to the customers’ needs could be offered. Existing internal and external applications such as operation software, data warehouse and product information management systems needed to be integrated. In addition, the task consisted of cross-linking a parent company with its subsidiaries to be able to exchange, administrate and evaluate data continuously. The solution also needed to take into account the different local circumstances and software conditions of the subsidiary companies.


aeris relied on robust and innovative technologies to set up a modular as well as flexible software architecture for a well-connected REST API based on Spring Framework. This served as basis for the development of business software, which could be adapted in an uncomplicated and cost-efficient way to the specific circumstances of the subsidiaries and partners – faster and more secure than ever.


2 months for the conception of the software architecture

Streamlining of an IT-landscape in a blue chip company


Successful acquisition and launching of branches by a blue chip company made several structural and organisational changes necessary that highlighted a diverse IT landscape. This could only be maintained with a high outlay. aeris was included to define the actual needs of the business. Mapping of the current IT-landscape was required and redundancies, advantages and disadvantages needed to be identified.


aeris compared the functionalities, operation costs and technical aspects of the applications used by the business. Subsequently, aeris interviewed users about usage and functionality. In this way aeris identified redundant as well as relevant applications and could make recommendations in terms of what could be removed and what needed to be kept. Furthermore, aeris defined the relevant connections within the remaining systems of the business.

Lastly aeris supported the business with data migration as well as system integration. As a consequence operation costs of the whole IT-landscape could be reduced by 40%. The improved integration of systems into the company’s ERP and simplified and speeded up the business’ administration processes.


6 months