Optimisation of business processes via digitalisation

Economy and society face bigger challenges than ever. All areas of life, behaviour patterns and every business model are confronted with ever-greater pressure to adapt, which IT has to deliver reliably. Whilst previously digitalisation was about automatization, modernisation or the installation of software products such as Office programs, today disruptive technologies have to be adopted promptly in order to create a competitive advantage and to not lose the contact with the client as well as the connection to the competition.

New business models

The continuously growing role of digitalised information, assets and processes automates business. Branches are working more closely. This leads to new approaches to strategies, cooperation and products. Digitalisation creates new opportunities for every branch.

You can rely on aeris

aeris supports you in evaluating which digital technologies and competencies will advance your business. You develop an eye for progress of your digital transformation, can estimate your market position and identify new ways of working.

Additionally, aeris analyses and evaluates current developments in competition and your markets as well as the structures and processes in your business. Finally we offer concrete suggestions for solutions. On request we are happy to implement these for you at a later stage.

Digital strategy

A software application can create faster and more efficient business processes. Internal and external procedures can be matched to each other consistently. The result is reliable and usually more cost-effective than the existing solution. A new and adapted digital strategy optimises the processes in the background, whilst you can concentrate fully on your actual entrepreneurial tasks.

Competition does not wait

The digitalisation of business progresses inexorably. The risk that you will be overtaken by the competition rises the longer you wait. In order to generate a competitive advantage a business has to work on its digital transformation consistently.

An exact schedule

With our consulting of the transfiguration of your IT you gain a better understanding of the different drivers and options for solutions, recognise how the single building blocks link together and how you can progress the transformation and conceive according to your needs. You then know about risk as well as potential for improvement and ensure sustainability. Whilst your understanding for possibilities deepens, we develop a schedule that is matched to your business’ aim.

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You gain more from aeris

Great experience:

aeris offers great experience in branches with high expectations of reliability, security and performance of systems


aeris is specialist in integration of diverse systems as well as acceleration of data streams

Understanding of detail:

aeris works in depth with your business model and fine-tunes the use of technologies like Cloud-Services, Big Data, mobile computing and social networks – now essential components for the success of a business in digitalised competition

Use of innovative technologies:

aeris is proficient in innovative technologies that together with the digital transformation of your business free up potentials for innovation and adapts your business model to the new conditions.

New strategic handling of data and workflow:

aeris develops a vision for the digital transformation of your business.

The implementation leads to a completely new strategic handling of data and information.

The operational workflow designed by aeris facilitates the digital networking of products, processes and assets.

Successful in automotive industry:

Within the automotive industry digitalisation has been defined as a focal point for a long time. Since our foundation we have been successfully working within this field.

At home in all branches:

Our specialist knowledge enables us to digitally enrich business models in every field and to help successfully overcome barriers within each sector.

Case Studies

A peek into our daily work

Every business activity generates tasks. A software application from aeris can optimise these tasks successfully.

Process digitalisation


The branch of an international business used an outdated, internal bookkeeping programme, which required all processes to be controlled manually. The corporation aimed to automate its systems as well as digitalise its business processes. Back office tasks were to be processed via interface directly from the corporation’s bookkeeping software. The business sought aeris’ support to analyse and enhance the interface.


aeris focused extensively on the affected processes as well as work areas, and put forward a proposal to digitalise processes relating to back office and bookkeeping. This contained detailed technical specifications for its implementation. In this way resources were saved and profitability was generated, in addition to increasing efficiency.


1 year

Specification for re-use of software


The software for the back office management of a German branch of a banking group had to be replaced by a British software solution. The innovation in Germany was required because of currently outdated technologies as well as striving to unifiy systems. This required us to take into account the different working practices and legal requirements of both countries. In addition the software had to be adapted to German conditions.


aeris analysed processes - as well as work practices - in both countries and developed specifications for the adaptations of software and processes. The required programming was described in detail and aeris delivered technical recommendations that simplified the development and speeded up re-developments.


1 year