You have an idea; we have the software and tools

When setting up a company there are many decisions to be made. Among them, which software solutions and tools to start with. The safe way is to select appropriate software. But “how much IT” is necessary? And what fits with your business now but is flexible enough to carry forward your ideas in future? aeris knows what software and tools are foundations for success.

With experience comes the solution

The development of a software solution is a complex process. In addition to the actual setting up the application landscapes, the right development methods, a sustainable functionality and possibility of extension must be taken into account.

This requires very specific competencies from the developers in different technologies. The fast paced IT world demands that you constantly stay up-to-date. With aeris, everything goes according to plan for a start-up.


Software and appropriate IT infrastructure for the efficient operation of your start-up

We offer various services in this area:

  • Consulting relating to the choice of standard software

    • The right software – meaning getting rid of outdated software or software that does not fit to the start-up business – that can hold back the growth of the business and result in increased costs. However, this is not easy to spot. aeris first analyses all your requirements. Based on this analysis we offer independent advice when choosing the right software. On request we will of course support you in installation and integration.
  • Support with the assembly of the IT infrastructure

    • aeris locates the suitable hosting possibilities
    • aeris advises on choice of hardware
    • Systems need to interoperate. aeris tests, which interfaces are required to guarantee this for your start-up.
    • Security is of upmost importance. With aeris’ support your IT security questions are covered.
  • Development of individual solutions

    • Should you have requirements that a standard location does not or only partially cover, our development team will work on exclusive and bespoke solutions. This software is exactly matched to your requirements, wishes and imagination. Such a solution allows for short times of product implementation (Time-to-Market) and contributes substantially to your competitive advantage.

Approach in IT-consulting

Your solution in focus

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Software development

Behind your business idea lurks a software development?

When realising as a start-up a new, own digital business model, the search for a good software engineer is important for a reason. If you don’t come from the software development field yourself, it is almost impossible to set up the own model to how the client expects it. Every technology offers almost endless possibilities, and coding trends further develop quickly.

You are now at the beginning

You can do everything right now, and can still constantly improve bit-by-bit as you grow. aeris offers you the best consulting in this important phase and can help you secure your business success with individualised project management from the beginning.

Approach in Software-Developement

Success is predictable

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Our success factors when supporting start-ups

Our main focus lies on individual solutions that lead to sustainable success with our clients.

Aeris focuses on the essential aspects:

The creation of surplus value via cost optimisation. We know the most current tools, technologies and methods. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise we identify opportunities early as well as risks and problems.

Extensive experience:

aeris possesses extensive experience in the execution of IT projects, whether based on classic waterfall or agile method

Know-how in all IT areas:

From IT infrastructure to implementation to operation of sofware


An innovation brings a lot of the unknown. aeris adapts in each situation flexibly to your rhythm and strategic direction.

Skilful evaluation of opportunities and risks:

Intepretation of software solutions considering all possibilities

Flexible organisation:

Every step in the project is adapted to your start-up and business capacity (personnel, technology and cost resources)

Optimisation of operational costs:

aeris is able to optimise the proportion of the operational costs with the utilisation rate via the use of various cloud-solutions.

Predictable budget:

Start-ups are often operating within a tight cost framework. aeris is able to estimate the development costs very reliably and adapt this to the business idea and business plan.

Case Studies

Customised start-up solution from aeris

aeris brings start-ups the necessary room for manoeuvre.

Jumpstart with choice of technology and method


A start-up business had the idea of an Internet-platform that allows patients, doctors, therapists as well as medical specialists to exchange securely. The software was required to allow the online booking of appointments, patient administration in the GP and therapy practice as well as the joint exchange of patient details. The start-up was looking for an IT-company that was able to advise in terms of choice of technology and methods and that could speed up the software development with its experts.


A complete aeris team supported the start-up with the design of the necessary IT landscape. The project requirements were analysed and suitable technologies and tools were recommended. The project management was done via Scrum. For the development and implementation of the platform a cloud-infrastructure was set up.


6 months