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Creating digital business value at AERIS

Creating digital business value at AERIS

Optimizing the digital value of your business through innovative, tailor-made IT solutions is our number-one priority here at AERIS. Our objective is to support companies during their digital transformation; transformation that creates new values and adds both effectiveness and efficiency to pre-existing digital value chains by adapting existing structures, tools, and workflows. Achieving digital value creation at all levels propels you lightyears ahead of the competition. It creates new business models, establishes fresh, even potentially unexpected revenue streams, and promotes a valuable competitive advantage.

Improving the efficiency of the underlying IT ecosystem and converting impediments into opportunities is the goal. In doing so, AERIS employs a variety of strategies targeting enhanced user experience, task streamlining for employees, as well as cost reduction and increased profit margins for stakeholders. But what is digital value? And how can it be “created”?

Setting things in motion

Digital business value creation, now doesn’t that sound like a cute little buzzword? Cynics beware, there’s quite a bit of sizzle to this steak. Digital value frequently joins forces with ecosystem-building, something that, ideally, should be done with care and diligence instead of ploughing ahead at breakneck speed just to edge out a competitor and paying the price at a later time. Setting up and creating value from digital ecosystems usually takes time and careful planning, and involves creating entire roadmaps, setting decisive value targets, monitoring their realization, compiling cross-function teams for accelerated product development, and putting the main emphasis on mindset and skill. As such, comprehensive strategic work and virtual elbow grease lead the way when moving away from classic value models that frequently see digital technologies as a mere means to efficiency, stability, and security ends. They are merely part of the equation en route to overall value creation.

How is digital business value created?

Digital value creation requires drastic changes – changes that are best achieved together. Joining forces with us is the gateway to a competitive advantage introducing a tailor-made mix of the following strategies:

  • Mindset shift: Ask questions, disrupt active processes, allow yourself to fail; playing it safe won’t cut it when existing structures are far removed from successful digital shifting. AERIS optimizes internal technical processes via an agile approach, paving the way for a DevOps culture.
  • IT ecosystems: They are a complex beast, aren’t they? Don’t worry, AERIS excels in designing an IT architecture that is best suited to master the challenge of capturing maximum value. Our strategic architecture models are in line with the required ecosystem strategy and value creation agenda. From growing the core business to improving operational efficiency to introducing entirely new services and products, AERIS provides the framework for reliable, secure, and efficient IT systems that are certainly up for new and renewed challenges.
  • Data leveraging: Companies deal with a plethora of data … or have lots of it lying around. Utilizing facts instead of opinions and getting people on board with this is a great data start. AERIS solutions enable you to extract unexpected added value from big data. Take advantage of big data solutions and make the best business decisions thanks to a tailored mix of progressive analytical techniques including data mining, predictive analytics, and machine learning.
  • Operational change: Finding the right approach and cutting through existing structures is tough. Operational structures need to become more agile to achieve digital value. Designing a relevant DevOps strategy helps you achieve such targets. Successfully implementing a holistic DevOps culture in combination with agile methodology improves project quality, user satisfaction, and team agility, laying the foundation for a more creative work environment.

What can digital business value achieve?

Sure, that all sounds well and good, but why do any of that? Here’s why:

  • IT ecosystems leverage existing IT structures, organically growing the portfolio by adding new services and products, and by expanding the core business in general.
  • Identifying the right value for existing knowledge and products generates new revenue and reduces internal costs through self-application, e.g. predictive maintenance.
  • Direct communication lines and new digital structures can lead to improved equipment utilization, thereby increasing employee effectiveness and opening up new capabilities.
  • Restructured information exchange grows the number of connections throughout internal and external systems, multiplying the possibilities to conciliate different sources of data and revealing information kept latent up to now.

Quite frankly, companies need to be ready, willing, and able to create digital business value to reap the rewards. AERIS guides you along the route of digital transformation and competitive advantage gains, utilizing state-of-the-art IT solutions adapted specifically to your needs and requirements. Get in touch with us today!