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Architecture  Software Development Agile and DevOps

Our global B2B IT solutions and development

IT specialist for tailor-made business products

AERIS is a global B2B IT solutions company working in a highly complex and technical field. We specialize in designing the best IT solution for your business, using state-of-the-art and predominantly open-source technologies.

We can deliver turnkey, tailor-made solutions for your business and we can support your existing IT team for the duration of the project.

Our main services include:

  • IT architecture
  • Software development
  • Agile and DevOps consultancy


AERIS: Our principles

Our principles define us. It’s why we get up every morning to do what we love the most. It’s also why choosing a company name that reflected our ethos was very important to us. It acts as a constant reminder of why we do what we do and of our commitment to upholding these defining principles.


We are AERIS

& adaptable
& efficient
& responsible
& inspiring
& streamlined

At AERIS, we believe our teams should be agile. We need to be able to make decisions accurately and swiftly for lightning-speed productivity.

For this reason, each AERIS project team remains small — usually between three and eight people. We’ve learned that this kind of working environment fosters far better communication, in which creative ideas are openly and easily discussed and acted upon without delay.


AERIS: Our core values

Effective working within such compact teams only succeeds when our people share a common set of values and beliefs. Characteristics such as respect, integrity and kindness are extremely important to us, but so too are our technical values like foresight, simplicity and execution.

Ethical & respectful

Upholding our reputation through honesty, integrity and equity is of the utmost importance at AERIS. Communicating with respect and kindness, at both an internal and external level, fosters goodwill and productivity reflected in all aspects of our work.


We love what we do. It’s this passion that drives us to continue to strive to new heights with each and every project.


We make good on our promises. Our reliability is a collective effort where each team member at AERIS has a key role to play. Our practices, continuous improvement philosophy and strong sense of duty create a harmonious collaboration that delivers cutting-edge solutions.

Straightforward simplicity

Our architecture and software development is clean and simple. Simplicity ensures reliability and security which also fosters a far superior user experience. Our solutions are designed so that they can be quickly adapted to a changing environment.


Given the right environment, each of us has the capacity to improve. AERIS nurtures opportunities that help our team expand our way of thinking and doing things.


Transparency and clear communication are key factors for successful teamwork and optimal project management. This goes hand in hand with our agile approach. Effective communication results in the best possible outcome in the least amount of time.


Foresight is critical. Our solutions are designed not only to serve your current business goals, but also to support your future plans. We begin our processes with your end goal in mind. Each step you intend to take to reach those goals is then incorporated, devising a solution that grows with you and is decades ahead of your competition.


Efficiency defines everything we do at AERIS. We keep our teams small to allow creative ideas to flourish and to remain as nimble as possible at all times. Technically, we are skilled at avoiding wasting time and effort, always being mindful of unnecessary use of resources.

(Digital) value adding

We focus on solutions that add value to your business. Not only is the user experience enhanced, but tasks are also streamlined for employees, reducing costs and increasing profit margins for stakeholders.


At AERIS, we share Evan Bottcher’s coding and core values. This article has been a great source of inspiration for us.