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load and performance testing tool

QALIPSIS is a developer-centric, open-source performance, end-to-end and load testing tool designed by the IT product development company AERIS to test the performance of distributed and non-distributed systems alike. It collects data from different sources to perform independent cross-checks and verifications, ensuring systems meet performance and business requirements. Advanced analytical tools and dashboards of your choice allow clear and concise visualization of results.

Modeled in Kotlin, QALIPSIS provides seamless system performance. Not limited to testing websites, REST, or SOAP APIs, it also possesses the unique ability to target any application and cover an impressively broad range of systems and protocols.


Data visualization and manipulation

AERIS has a very exciting, groundbreaking project in the pipeline that will significantly improve your testing and debugging efficiency. We are in the final stages of fine-tuning LAGOON, an open-source web application, designed to discover, visualize and manipulate data in Redis, Kafka and other similar systems. Working either with cold data or streams, the lightweight and fast LAGOON application provides simple access to any information for your development and testing teams. Its processing and templating engine enables you to filter, extract, or create data records faster than ever.

When testing IT systems in close conjunction with LAGOON, you can record data evolution over time and share the capture with other users. Time spent validating data as well as the time from bug to resolution, is drastically shortened.

Stay tuned for a release date!


Annotation-based code generator for Java and Kotlin

Meaning “reflector” in French, CATADIOPTRE stands for a lightweight library for reflection for Java and Kotlin.

CATADIOPTRE is an open-source library (for Kotlin and Java) that solves one of the most frequently reported problems for developers — unit testing of private methods. Prior to this innovation, there were no best practices available to tackle this issue.

While some developers do not unit test private methods at all, others increase their visibility to make them accessible in tests. Both strategies have drawbacks that can severely damage your software (from side effects through to unexpected strong coupling and bugs).

To tackle these concerns and allow normal unit testing of private methods in either Kotlin or Java, AERIS have created CATADIOPTRE — a library that not only provides reflection tools for simple manipulation, but also generates code for your tests. The CATADIOPTRE library is open-source, easy to use and extremely lightweight. And crucially, all the generated code is excluded from your own production code.

Step into the next generation of unit testing in Java and Kotlin with CATADIOPTRE. Visit Github to discover the potential of CATADIOPTRE.