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Agile and DevOps

Intrinsically linked

Agile and DevOps provide a framework that is both collaborative and product-focused. Learn why this approach is both cost-effective and efficient:

DevOps and agile for speed and efficiency

Contemporary, agile software development in conjunction with DevOps means efficient, cross-departmental collaboration that results in high release and delivery rates. As a consequence of these improved processes between your development and operational teams, cost-effective software development allows solutions to be rolled out to market infinitely faster and more robustly.

Agile and DevOps define our way of working

Values, principles and practices of agile software development define our way of working. A DevOps culture brings collaboration and short feedback cycles. Incremental software versions can be tested in real-world situations. This leads to valuable user feedback used to make improvements, resulting in fast, reliable and lean software that works.

Maximum transparency at every step

Our agile working method stands for maximum transparency for all parties, every step of the way. We develop for you and with you. This dynamic exchange of information results in shortened development times and software functions that are exclusively relevant to your business. An added benefit of this transparency is the transfer of competencies from our experts to yours.

We ask all the right questions

With our expertise and many years of agile and DevOps consulting experience, working with a wide range of industries and corporate structures, we know how and when to ask all the right questions. Our framework is logical, proven and efficient. We optimize development processes based on state-of-the-art instruments, technologies and precise methodologies.

Collaboration is the key

One of the most important benefits of a DevOps strategy is superior efficiency and quality. Continuous collaboration between development and operational teams results in faster deployments and deployment cycles as well as early identification of coding errors. And we all know what that means: A vastly improved speed of delivery to your customers.

Streamlined processes

At AERIS, the responsibility for producing high-quality and reliable deliveries is shared rather than split between all involved parties. We work by bouncing information and ideas back and forth between development teams and operational teams, streamlining processes and exponentially improving efficiency and usability.