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Designed to tackle the future

Our extensive business understanding, technical expertise and commitment to continuous client consultation are what sets AERIS’ software architecture apart. Discover how we build software that performs:

Designed from scratch

Software performance, quality and sustainability are three key success factors for companies in a permanently changing global market. Only companies that can rely on highly efficient, dynamic IT systems have a chance of effectively achieving their business objectives. With meticulously planned software architecture and thorough software quality guidelines, your IT system can tackle whatever the future holds.

Perfectly planned architecture is key

Security, scalability, extendibility and adaptability are the four core principles for designing well-thought-through software architecture. By enabling the acceleration of business processes, your competitiveness is guaranteed and long-term costs are reduced. We act with prudence and foresight to facilitate the integration of modern IT solutions.

Challenges become golden opportunities

AERIS relies on both solid, state-of-the-art technologies as well as cutting-edge newcomers. This transforms the risks of strategic development into opportunities, offering positive impacts on costs, project duration, expandability and productive use of IT systems. What was once an IT challenge, becomes an opportunity to broaden your business horizons.

Planning with forethought

Asking the right questions in advance is vitally important for laying the groundwork for optimal architecture. We understand that our IT structure needs to be perfectly aligned with your company’s goals and business processes to be effective. Meticulous, thoughtful and dynamic planning is one of AERIS’s greatest strengths.

Custom designed for the perfect fit

Your company and team are unique, and hence, so are the solutions we design. We determine the perfect combination of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge open-source technologies, using agile methodologies to create tailored architecture that is sustainable, extensible and cost-effective. Our software engineering solutions are easily adaptable, thanks to short feedback cycles and a clean structure.

Designed to align with your business objectives

It’s essential that your IT solution precisely aligns with your business objectives. We prescribe the best technical domain for your needs — whether that be cloud or container-based deployments, Big Data or even data streaming for IoT — to ensure software sustainability. We also evaluate whether a distributed architecture with microservices or a monolith software serves your objectives better.