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Solutions that work

Tailor-made software or professional support for your internal IT Team. Learn about our flexible approach to software development:

Turnkey solutions or IT team support

AERIS specializes in specifically tailored IT solutions designed to incorporate your business goals and allow your company plenty of room to grow. As an alternate service, we also offer our talents and expertise to strengthen your existing IT team. You benefit from support in development as well as direct knowledge transfer to your team.

As unique as your company

We are acutely aware that each company is unique. We design IT solutions to your specific requirements, to work exactly as you want them to work. We align your business needs and processes and integrate your expertise and critical information, ensuring a flawless solution. Your business goals and processes are our top priority during development.

Meticulously planned architecture

Meticulously planned architecture produces IT solutions that are secure, efficient, maintainable and scalable — but above all, precisely perform the job they are designed to do. AERIS designs complex systems that can handle large traffic volumes and high transaction loads, ensuring interoperability that enables a simple, economical and sustainable operation.

Individual, modern applications

Our gifted software engineers are masters of a wide range of development tools and products in the fields of project, configuration and quality management. Different approaches, such as test-driven software development and continuous integration, quickly bring them into the desired application context with methodical know-how.

Highest quality standards

By integrating our services and the latest technologies, we can react to and guide your business through market changes with flexibility and precision. We use numerous quality tools to continuously evaluate the software and its effectiveness, resulting in innovative, premium-quality solutions that perform not just for the present, but also steadfastly into the future.

Dynamic, flexible software

Your software is developed using state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies best suited for your project, most of which are open-source. Object-oriented software development standards enable the creation of modular solutions that can be extended easily and cost-effectively. Our pragmatic, agile approach guarantees you short feedback cycles and fast results.